Present Projects in order of release:
ALSeries 1.5

4/4/16 Windows Release DSR
Global release for Windows Phone 8
Global release for Windows Phone 10
Global release for Windows 8 Store x86 and ARM
Global release for Windows 10 Store x86 and ARM

3/29/16 Full release on Android
Released for 140+ countries on the Google Play Store

3/27/16 Open alpha on Android
Open Alpha begins on Android
Updated android version to auto check/download obb files (Split package files that contain the graphics).

3/19/16 AKR Start
Began layouts for Alexanders Kart Races (Spelling version)
AKR open Alpha testing expected late April.

3/13/16 Bug Fix V1.0.2.1
Fixed clipping issue on main menu for PC/Linux
Fixed Unlocked music issues
Fixed music no playing in store if all music unlocked.
Fixed music select button(s).
Added licence info.

2/22/16 Download area
Download area replaced Extras
Added zip files for Windows PC
Added Zip files for Linux PC
Added Zip file containing APK for side loading Android devices.

2/16/16 Fixes/Add V:
Final Version
Byte City Reveal

1/31/16 Fixes/Add V: Beta
Fixes for division display in Water Woods.
Fixes for division display in Sunny Sands.
Added phone controls.
Fixed puppy unlock with area.
Fixed finish line error.

1/27/16 Fixes/Add V: Beta
No longer Alpha!
All areas are now playable!
Fixed images showing up as text.
Added new math presentations.
Ancient guardians unlock with areas except Wun.

1/5/16 Fixes/Add V: Alpha
Fixed math issue with division.
Fixed display for numbers over 100 in division.

1/1/16 Fixes/Add V: Alpha
Added quality settings for faster and slower computers.
Add save so you only have to set quality once.
Moved to Go Fund Me for help getting assets and for publication costs.
Created a Facebook page for both W.B.I. and DioJi's Scooter Races.
Updated our Twitter images.

12/19/15 Fixes/Add V: Alpha
Hot fix math system for Sunny Sands, 0 can no longer be the shown number for multiplication.
Fixed lock in card center for Sunny Sands.
Fixed Check box issue in math selection.

12/14/15 Fixes/Add V: Alpha
Reduced areas star costs.
Sunny Sands math presentation change ie: ?+3=7, answer is 4
Added Multiplication
Added Division

11/6/15 Fixes/Add
Card Center unlock
Puppy cards added
Area Cards added
Area prices changed.
Fixed blur issue with web deployment.
10/24/15 Fixes/Add: New web site
Built this web site.
10/19/15 Fixes/Add:
Added button for card area.
Fixed glitch for larger numbers allowing player to only add or minus the ones colum.
Fixed error causing sound not to play in the star store.
Added global sound control to songs in star store.
Unlocked Credits area.
Added exit button to credits area.