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I am using Chrome or Edge as my browser, why won't it play?
At this time, Chrome and Edge are not supported by Unity web player.
What browsers are supported?
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera
Will it be avilable for Mac in the future?
Unless a Mac magically appears in the office, I will have to wait until the go fund me campaign raises enough to purchase a Mac.
How much is the final product going to be?
Will you have in app advertising/purchases?
No and no...
How do you make money from this app?
This app depend on users like yourself to donate to our go fund me campaign. Anything beyond what is needed will be used twards the next program(s) that I build.
Can I share the download with friends and family?
You will not get in trouble for sharing the DioJi's Scooter Races zip files. It is Freeware so share it with EVERYONE!!!.
Will you move to WebGL when Unity 5.4 is released.
We may release a WebGL vesion when Unity 5.4 is released. Once the WebGL version is avilable and shows stable performance it will replace the Web Player version.