Please take the time to learn the rules of DFA.

1. All initiates and probationary members will carry the Clan tag in lower case letters for 90 days. The tag may be located either in your Gamertag, Motto or Bio. The only exception to this rule is games that do not support clan tags, or support lower case letters in the clan tag.

2. All members will use the DFA/dfa clan tag in all games at all times. The only exception to this rule are games that do not support clan tags.

3. Members are required to attend clan functions that they have enlisted in or are available for. If for some reason you will be unavailable for the function you are required to attend, contact your supervisor via X-Box messaging.

4. All members are required to follow the rules of conduct set forth by X-Box Live concerning language in all matches.

5. Disrespectful or derogatory remarks towards clan leaders, sponsors and/or other members will not be tolerated. If you have an issue, USE THE CHAIN OF COMMAND.

6. No member will share, distribute or disclose information regarding tactics or training to any other clan or members of other clans.

7. Only founders may set up temporary or permanent alliances with other clans. Unless otherwise stated by a founder, rule 6 still applies to the alliance.

8. Any member caught modding or cheating will be immediately suspended from all clan activity pending review. Exceptions are specialized controllers sold by aftermarket companies that are endorsed by Microsoft.

Violation of any of these rules may result in a minimum probationary period determined by an administrator or higher. More severe or repeat offences may result in immediate expulsion from DFA.